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Thread: Argos drill motor mounts and other mounts.

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    *************** NEWS ******************

    I have the ability to make these at home although longer delay shipping, I can still make some of these during this time of covid-19.

    Hit me up on the following should you want to connect and chat about robot stuff directly.
    Facebook -
    Telegram, OOTA discord as Roboteernat or on FR here.

    I now am able to offer mounts for MYLEK, BOSCH PSR18, B&D 12V (18v) and ARGOS drills.

    mounts now cost £10 a set.


    Still in manufacture (June 2020) Made to order and usually ship within a couple of days.


    Cost is £10 a set for 1 motor. Postage Starts from £2.50 and depends on weight/quantity ordered.

    I can also change dimensions of mounts should your design require it for an additional charge of £1 to modify the design, and additional to cover the additional plastic in your bespoke design.

    Height from centre shaft: 30mm

    Distance of mount holes 52.5mm x 30mm. Press the mounts firmly together to check your spacing measurements.

    Mounting bolts: M5 depth 20mm

    I can also design mounts for other motors, and have done for Bosch motors.
    Have something odd? I can discuss posting the motor to me and I can 3D scan the motor assembly to produce bespoke mounts.

    Just get in contact :-)
    Thank you,

    Note, Mylek drills are 4mm longer than the argos drills, so when designing your spacing to mount the motors, bear this in mind.

    For Argos and Mylek drills currently...
    As a reference, the dimension from shoulder of 3/8 threaded section to the central point of the mount is 37.5mm see attached images.

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