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Thread: Argos drill motor mounts and other mounts.

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    Still in manufacture (September 2019) Made to order and usually ship next day.


    Cost is £7 a set for 1 motor. Postage Starts from £2.50 and depends on weight/quantity ordered.

    I can also change dimensions of mounts should your design require it!

    Height from centre shaft: 30mm

    Distance of mount holes 52.5mm x 30mm. Press the mounts firmly together to check your spacing measurements.

    Mounting bolts: M5 depth 20mm

    I can also design mounts for other motors, and have done for Bosch motors.
    Have something odd? I can discuss postin the motor to me and I can 3D scan the motor assembly to produce bespoke mounts.
    Just get in contact :-)
    Thank you,
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    As an update, i have now 2 designs of mounting options with using the zink screw inserts for M5 bolts, and another design for Barrel nut or Cross Dowels for M6 mounting screws, see image.

    I can also adjust the heignt from axle centre to base should your design requirements necessitate it.

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    A video of the fitting is on YouTube.

    Or google Argos motor mount YouTube.

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    I ordered 4 sets of these mounts, from order to delivery, just a few days. Thank you Roboteernat.

    I have to say they do their job really well, and are certainly well designed to keep the new*er* Argos drill/gearbox units together and secure. Bye bye to the bodge of holding the motor to the gearbox via some electrical tape!

    I will be ordering more sets of these in the near future.

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    Just to say i have now got back after getting married, so can now accept orders for motor mounts, wheel hubs and wheels combos.

    I will also like to add that i have a design to suit the Black and Decker motors with the 3 screws around the gearbox. These have the same mounting holes as the argos ones, so would be compatible with argos spacings.

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