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Thread: BOB BW Series

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    Team Kaizen

    I use a 3S LiFePO4 battery in my beetleweight and I am fairly sure others do use 3S LiPo batteries in theirs.
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    I've actually just ordered a load of Beetle parts, I've gone for 3s LiPo myself, should be loads of power, although i'm looing at bigger a bigger servo, maybe I'm going overkill?

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    Well, I took BOB to Robodojo, it had one hit from a spinner and the esc in it died. No more sabertooth esc, also this is the only damage done to its body.

    The cause of death, part of the exposed wires where it goes in to the esc touched each other when that spinner hit it.

    To do list for next time.
    Better esc
    Thinner wires
    Make the body about 2cm longer, the battey almost didn't fit.

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    Don't be too disappointed Sean-That beetle you fought was a real monster
    considering it's size, we saw it earlier taking on a featherweight in a bit of
    a play battle but holding it's own.
    Adam uses ESCs at £5 a pop and they seem well up to the task.

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    These are XT-XINTEs, they look super cheap, and they cost super cheap, but they do work, and they're cheap enough its not a huge issue if they do go. This is what Hyperion was running at Robodojo in the final fight at the end. They're also very small, and both of them survived the huge hit at the end of that fight. - they each control one motor, so you'd need 2 for two wheel drive. Despite their voltage, they work well at 3S & 4S. At Robodojo it was running 3s, which is why it was a bit sluggish, since then i've thrown a 4s battery in there, and its a lot more manoeuvrable, and the cheap ESCs are still handling it, though they do get a bit warmer. I've looked at the link you posted to the motors, and they seem to be well within the 10A for the cheaper ESCs.

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