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Thread: Robodojo programme of events September 2018 to March 2019

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    Hi Ian,
    Great news, looking forward to trialling my beetleweight for the first time, should be able to make 21st Oct.
    All the best

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    Al_'s Avatar

    This sounds great Ian, good to see some more events being announced for the club, and looking forward to getting signed up as soon as we can!

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    Looking forward to more events myself, and meeting some more of the cool people surrounding the spobby, I'm definitely going to try and make at least a couple of them.

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    Myself and Colin (Team Death) will definitely be there for September event, and probably as many after that as possible. I know you're only looking at whiteboard matches for the September date, but are you accepting, or rather can the arena contain, spinners for this event?

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    Well the bot is question is a BW vertical spinner, so hopefully will be alright. Will be sure to bring it along for a demo!

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    Hello Ian,
    There seems to be some conflicting event dates.
    Your earlier message say's 20th Oct for AW and 21st for BW. However your last message states 21st Oct for AW's with no revised date for BW's - Can you please confirm the next BW event please?

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