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Thread: FW Hardox/ HDPE Shell

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    Featherweight shell that i used at 1 event last year, at which it *got Shrekt*. After making improvements and modifications it's slowly become something that is getting in the way of other projects.
    Its a welded steel frame in 2 parts with a hardox scoop welded to the front. The scoop is made up of 3 layers of 3mm hardox 450 and is thinner/ thicker in some areas, eg. it is 6mm at the bottom corners, 9mm in the middle.
    Main armor is HDPE with a thin sheet of steel over the bottom to prevent screws ripping through the plastic (which happened upon Shreking) and a layer of 3mm hardox is bolted on to the back to add a bit of wheel protection.
    All the HDPE is 10mm and it uses m6 bolts all over.


    Currently, it requires 2 motor mounts to be made and attached and it does not come with any electrical components, except for a power LED that is mounted to the side panel.
    The robot does however come with 2 nylon castor wheels with bike tires, ideal for use with drill motors. These have been used and are modified so may need a separate flange to be made up to for them to a gearbox. I can send drawings of the parts that i would have used to get this finished if required.

    I've put a lot of work into this and it is a pretty tanky chassis, as stated it was modified after an encounter with vertical spinners so is geared to take hits from these high-impact weapons. I hope to see it at an event one day or at least it might make a decent trophy for get shrekt? :')

    Postage: its pretty heavy so i probably wont be able to post it easily, i can maybe drop it off to someone at an event? I'll be at insomnia but not with any robots so i could perhaps meet someone outside of the event as I'm sure the security team would have a few questions if i tried to walk in with it.

    Open to sensible offers, PM me for details.


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    Westminster Warrior 2??

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    Just wanna say that documentary has been such an inspiration, given me massive boost to stay motivated every time I've seen it (6 maybe?). Are you coming to Chatham or Gloucester? (assuming you can get it built )

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    Can't wait! Hey, if you ever need some help, just feel free to throw me a pm

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    Hi, this is still available, not sure why it says my inbox is full, try emailing me instead

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