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Thread: My new Feather Weight for Insomnia MAD RUSH

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    so here's my first feather weight for insomnia call mad rush because it's a mad rush to make so the robot is called mad rush and the amazing Adam Hamilton is helping me make it.
    It is a mega tento style grab and lift bot powered by 5s lipo also made to be a strong as possible to be a break your fist on my face robot for all the big spinners (in theory)
    37858887_881920595348330_7545914298170605568_n.png 37960167_883546738519049_5808687704400986112_n.jpg
    Ignoring the older gears in the picture, the weapon is driven off a 3548 propdrive outrunner and a banebots P60 256:1, a further 1.28:1 for afinal reduction of 327:1. Should be enough torque to lift and clampin anger without the gearbox eating itself! The drive at the moment,really because of limited time and availability is just 2x GR02gearboxes and 550 motors. If I manage to set up the weapon withoutany issues, I may replace the 550’s with the same 3548’s orinrunners in the future

    the cad ALMOST finished and it's soon going to be sent to cut so watch this space hopefully we'll have something awesome to show you
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