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Thread: Sprouting Potato: 4wd Pusher

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    These both look great! Nice work man! cant wait to see them all on Sun!

    Bad Wolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theo View Post
    Bring it on!

    We'll have a whiteboard and control each other's, then we'll see who's last!
    Yeah I'm *so* going to get whooped, can't wait to finally lose and claim my rightful title!!!

    But yeah, should be a good day, can't to see everyones 'bots in the flesh... erm, plastic

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    Graham, are the weapon hubs on SH an of the shelf component? Stealing some ideas from SH to upgrade Pullover for next time (sorry). The lifters seemed to work very well, and I'm re-engineering the grabber arm to go back for enough to *actually* self right every time. Hope you don't mind the blatant design theft...

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    course i don't mind! i first saw them on one of georger's bots (the hammer one), so i kinda nicked the idea, too.

    they're pololu 3mm mounting hubs:

    there is also something similar out there that has only two mounting holes and is long rather than disc shaped, but i don't know what they are
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    Aw thanks dude! been looking on and off for these all weekend, I need to improve my google-fu I think.

    It makes it better that I'm building the arm Inspired by Hummus and not the same as... in fact, I like that, might write that on the bot... anyway, thanks for getting back to me, time to get cracking!

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