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Thread: Guides for using Fusion 360

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    Firstly let me say I am by no means a Fusion expert, and these resources will be redundant for most CAD proficient users on here, these are really for those starting out using Fusion 360. That said there may be some tips in the Advanced version that are of use to the more experienced designer.

    Basically as I designed the 2 BW's I'm currently working on I got really frustrated having built my models as a collection of 'bodies' rather than 'components', I found the whole model much more fragile and harder to edit. After teaching Fusion for most of the year lots of my students have fallen into the same trap, so I produced these guides to help them build more stable models. I hope they are of some use to those trying to get to grips with this software. The two versions are very similar, with the 'Advanced' version going into more depth. (Most of my students would switch off if I started with the advanced version, hence the beginner copy!)

    Guide to using Fusion 360 - Beginner.pdf

    Guide to using Fusion 360 - Advanced.pdf

    Also I tried to put this in general chat, but for some reason wasn't able to post in there, anyone know why that is? Thanks

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    These look great for people starting out with Fusion, nice work!

    If/when people need to move on to other features of Fusion, I can recommend Lars Christensen's youtube videos. The guy works for Autodesk and has a whole load of stuff to have a look at. He also has regular youtube Fusion live streams where he encourages people to join and ask any questions they have about it.

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    looks fine might be worth adding to advance one about making individual parts then importing them in.

    If you want some examples I be happy to send you some and bet Al would as well

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    That's a good idea, having the standard components available to import is really useful. If you wouldn't mind send over a screenshot or two of the components in the data panel and then in place within a robot that would be great.


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    Here is something quick and dirty. will this be enough ?

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    That's great, thanks for the help.

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    when it done you a photo of the bot ?

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    Thanks for the offer, but I think the screen shots you've sent over will be enough.

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