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Thread: Drive system

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    If you want to replace a 3 kg motor (Bosch 750) with a 600 gram motor (propdrive 5060) you'll need more of'm.
    Also, smaller motors run faster (the slowest propdrive is 270 KV, 2 times faster than the Bosch 750)

    In short, if you want to have the equivalent of a "bosch 750" drive in propdrives 5060 you want at least 4 of'm, and be prepared for a higher gearratio.

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    The NPC-02446 motor is advertised as "great" for lightweights.

    The data from Robot Marketplace gives this motor a 500W rating.
    You can get a heavy moving with those, but you won't be happy with the results.
    If you want any acceleration, you'll have to use a gearratio of 6-7 to 1 with the 4" wheel. Trundling around @10kph. But you'll be there in a jiffi.

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    BIG brushless, with heaping piles of power. Not some weedy 500W wheelchair motors.

    I guess something like the Rotomax 80CC or bigger.

    Bananaking, a Russian machine, uses Revolt motors, and because decent Brushless controlers for this kind of power ain't common (MGM Compro is one of the few commercial options at €800+ a pop) he went with Euans 300A VESC's (see that thread). Another thing were Ellis is involved with.
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    So, 4 motors . As I stated at the start of this topic.
    If I combine the data I can find easely on Sandstorm,
    24mph(almost 40kph)
    4-1 gearratio
    Guess on 5" wheels.
    Maytech 50 or 63mm motors.

    I guess the Maytech MTO5065 170 HA-C is the lightest option. 1800W+ each. 7Kw of drivepower. Sounds a bit like 37V powered Bosch 750's or equivalents.

    With 1 size bigger, the MTO6355 170 HA-C that power about doubles per motor. Giving the very nice 14Kw...
    Not 1 kw of the NPC drive proposed in this thread.

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