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Thread: FP FW near enough complete

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    Considering moving this on since I haven't used it in years and haven't really been to a proper FW event in a long time either.

    Its a FP Flipper FW, built from mostly Hardox with some stainless/mild steel and titanium. Competed at the UK FW Champs in 2016 (I think) and has only been used since then once.

    What would be included:
    All armour/body panels and LEDs
    FP gas system with 3 CO2 bottles and all control electronics
    2 x 85A ESCs
    2 x Ranglebox motors/gearboxes
    Wheels plus a spare set and additional spare set of tyres
    2 batteries, 1 is an Optipower that is unused, both are 3300mAh LiPo
    Spare burkett coil

    I'm sure there are other bits too, I just can't think of them at the moment, basically it's a complete robot minus radio equipment.

    The robot has some battle scars but will still run, needs some TLC and I think the Burkett needs cleared out due to competing on a wood floor at one of the events it wasn't firing properly. Without any events on the horizon for me I can't justify the time to do it myself.

    (not Beauty 2)

    Open to reasonable offers, basically a full robot plus spares to get it running and keep it there, as can be seen in the video with the OOTA on Binky at the same time as flipping Beauty it is a very powerful machine. I'm quite bad at PMing back but I should get to your messages eventually. If you are interested i'm sorry for my delay in advance....

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    Has Scot-Bot got a custom made pneumatic ram for the flipper? just been googling for some internal pictures, looks really nice, the type of machine i would love to have.... Although my wedding needs funding, and i have a few pneumatic bits already for a build...

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    Yeah it’s a custom pneumatic ram, FP systems generally are custom or they can get heavy. Can take more internal photos if needed.

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    Approved by Maddox.

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    I would appreciate some internal pictures for looking at, i do not think i can buy it sadly

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