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Thread: Removable interlink

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    Hello all, newbie alert...ive had a look around the forum and found a few bits of advice on the removable interlink, but still just want to ask a few questions which dont seem obvious in the rules...
    1a) can there be more than one interlock?
    1b) if so do they need to be attached together?
    2) can the interlink be secured behind a door and secured with a wingnut?
    3) can the interlink be locking (e.g. twist lock) or does it need to be pull out?
    4) can there be more than one location for interlink ( one each side)
    5) does the interlink need to directly disconnect the various systems or can it be the power hold for a normally open relay?
    Thanks for your help and advice!

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    Firstly i assume you mean the removable link? - if so, then my answers below. Remembering in most cases a removable link is simply a connector with a loop of wire.

    1a) Yes, many robots feature seperate links for weapons and drive for example.
    1b) No, however its best practice to keep them located in the same area.
    2) Yes, so long as the links are accessible without tools.
    3) Ive never seen a connector you insert by twisting outside christmas lights, but theres no tools required i suppose and should be fine.
    4) Yes, and this is sometimes required for invertible robots.
    5) It needs to be a physical circuit breaker. The robot should not be powered in any way upon removing.
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    A screw in link was the design used in the middleweight and lower typhoon bots (had a fancy high end 1000A connector for Typhoon 2).

    A circuit breaker would almost certainly fail a tech check.

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    a visual aid might help.

    This is my old wiring loom from my feather, the battery connector is a xt60 and the removable link is a xt90.

    this is the style of removable link that 90% of roboteers use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by typhoon_driver View Post

    A circuit breaker would almost certainly fail a tech check.
    Sorry thats my poor wording there.

    I didnt mean a circuit breaker as in the electrical switches used for overcurrent, i meant to actually physically break the circuit when the link is removed so nothing can flow. Effectively no circuit can be complete without inserting the link
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