Aye this is true. Jonno’s happy to give us one fight per show if more than 3/4 attend, like the featherweights. He’s also informally put me in charge of this stuff, tournament structures and the likes (so it helps to know the numbers)

So saying that, what’s everyone’s preferred tournament structure to make use of 4 fights? I’m thinking of possibly 3 melees across Saturday and Sunday morning, then a head-to-head final, or just 4 melees, just an idea it’s up to you really.

As I see it, I’m not sure there’ll be many dedicated MW fights at Maidstone because I doubt there’ll be more than 3/4 attending, but Cheltenham looks very bright, should have 6 going!

I want to put out my thanks though, Chatham was a roaring success, and as a result has consolidated us a bright future for the class. Thank you all who competed and put on a great show, you were ace! Speaking of which, a special thanks to Team ACE for the donations, parts and sponsorship, probably wouldn’t have been nearly as good without you. Oh, and thanks for not killing Voodoo

Here’s to the future!