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Thread: Team Triforce Featherweight drum

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    Been designing and building a drumbot for the featherweight champs this year.

    Battery: 12s lipo (2x Turnigy nano-tech 1550mah 6S 65~130C (450L Heli)
    ESCs: 3x focbox (or something custom if we have time)
    Weapon: ~5kG drum with 5060 380KV hub motor, hinged forks
    Drive: 2x NTM-4248, 4 wheel drive, invertable
    Armour: wrap around folded 4mm hardox 500, 2mm titanium top and bottom plates
    Frame: 20mm aluminium

    Some pics:
    2018-06-13 00_00_18-Window.png2018-06-12 23_42_02-Window.jpg2018-06-12 23_42_24-Window.png2018-06-12 23_43_09-Window.jpg2018-06-12 23_41_04-Window.png2018-06-13 00_02_26-Window.jpgimage-20180608_112225.jpg20180607_213801.jpgimage-20180611_220232.jpg
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