So a post event recap from RoboDojo July. Finally got the bot done on the morning and ready for the first fight against Drumroll... I mean Revolver... the drum span at the start of the fight but didn't get any speed up and we got clipped on a wheel and flipped. Since the drum wasn't spinning we couldn't self right.

Second fight was against Shrekt ... we both sat and span up for a bit then edged towards each other... we tapped them a few times then got flipped again. Again the drum wasn't working properly.

We took the bot into the arena during the break around lunch to see what the drum was doing. I was able to spin it up to maybe 60% speed by feathering the throttle. However if I gave it any beans to get it going faster, or spinup quicker it would just cut out. We put this down the the Focbox being a bit shit and the motor being really bad quality.

Next fight was against a spinner that looked like huge, I think it was called Captain Jack. Now that I had figured out how to get the drum spinning I was a little more aggressive with my driving and got a decent amount of hits in. After a tap from Captain Jack we lost radio reception and couldn't move. We tried it on the bench afterwards and it was the same story. We also had some strange flickering on the power light which wasn't a good sign. So I fiddled around and plugged the link back in again... Bang, the right side drive Focbox went up in a puff of smoke. We had a spare so fitted that, only to find it was also broken. After that we decided to only run one wheel and the drum and try to gyro dance around instead. We knew we were against Plastic Fantastic next so it was going to be a longer fight. We put everything together only to find the receiver was also broken and managed to borrow a lemonRX from Ian.

The fight started and the drum went the wrong way... the vescs sometimes do this if you don't give enough current at startup. So I let it stop then punched it. Drum was spinning properly now and we spent the rest of the fight getting it up to speed and their arm grappling onto it. One time their arm went from the back and got smashed into our frame which wedged us together. Eventually we got manoeuvred onto the pit.

Overall it was a really great event. Was the first time for us going to RoboDojo and we really liked the atmosphere. Even though we had 4 loses we managed to prove the drive would work well if done properly so the only bit that is changing on the new bot is how the weapon is driven. With the 4070 and VESC6 setup it should work much better.