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Thread: Team Triforce Featherweight drum

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    Eventually got on to some bot parts, here are the four axles, just need to cut them apart on the chop saw.

    was originally going to do them in titanium but decided it was too heavy. Now just a bunch of pulleys to turn down after I make the wheels.


    Also decided to redesign the chassis to make it lighter. Some nice isogrid always helps! With a 1mm titanium plate to stop junk coming in. (This is behind the 4mm hardox so doesn't need to be very spinner proof)

    2018-08-05 00_58_52-Autodesk Fusion 360 (Education License).jpg
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    Some more work today making the chassis lighter... all the frame pieces are 20mm aluminium with 1mm titanium on both sides.

    2018-08-05 18_43_07-Window.jpg

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    Really nice work on the chassis design, love the cutouts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Really nice work on the chassis design, love the cutouts!
    Really hoping the armor keeps it protected, gonna be a mess if something like Neon hits it!

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    Lots more work on the bot, got the armor all worked out ready for kcut to cut and fold it, hopefully they can manage the shape.

    Also had to order another 2 aluminium bars to redo the drum, as I mucked up the bearing pockets!

    2018-08-07.jpg2018-08-07 (2).jpg

    As per usual it's turning into a manic rush to get everything done in time. With the CNC mill not going to be finished till late next week. At least I can get all the CAM, Lathe and electronics work done in the mean time.

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    The front wheels are small to save weight, and keep them behind the armor so the top of them doesn't get hit.

    The back wheels are big so they clear the chassis enough for the bot to be invertable, with the armour and frame also sloping as well.

    2018-08-08 18_59_31-Autodesk Fusion 360 (Education License).png

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    I have removed the webs from the areas needing the most strength around the front. The titanium is only there to stop debris getting into the compartment. So it doesn't really matter how strong it is.

    I already have all the material, pulleys, etc for doing the two sizes. For me it saves a decent amount of weight and still has the chance of working inverted.

    This design is very tight on weight, reduced the drum weight to about 3.8 kg to get better spinup times and better armor.

    2018-08-10 00_33_05-Window.jpg2018-08-10 00_39_06-Window.jpg

    I am now making the two drum cores and everything else is ordered except the titanium. Everyone is so slow at quotes compared to kcut.

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