Hi All

I've always loved robot wars and robot building so finally want to start building things, bearing in mind i have zero engineering skills and not done any electronics since A level so im very rusty.

I brought the Haynes RW build a robot manual and build the first bug bot just to make sure i could still solder lol

Now i want to build the flip bot so so can get some basic skills and practice, I think i can get hold of most of the parts but to get the aluminium pieces needed for the frame im struggling to find a company to do it.

Using the .dxf files they provide I have got a quote for £80 + VAT to have the pieces supplied in 3mm aluminium as i don't have the facility to cut metal myself.

Can anyone recommend a person/company who could provide the pieces maybe cheaper or have I had a good quote already?

West Midlands based.

Thanks all