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Thread: Haynes Manual Build a Robot

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    You can use "generic" wire, I've use white speaker wire in the past but having red and black wire (or whichever colour you associate positive and negative with) does make things a hell of a lot easier to track. It also helps with getting polarity right where getting it incorrect, such as plugging into a ESC, could cause shorting and damage to electronics.

    As for the rating for a wire, for a Featherweight, either 10-14AWG I find works well, I use 10AWG in Azriel but that is probably overkill for that robot at the moment.
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    I use 12AWG for my feather, its rated well for use on mine, plus its the rated wire on the TZ85A esc's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamST180 View Post
    Where is best to buy some from? I used to go Maplin for anything like that but
    You can buy cabling quite cheap off eBay, unfortunately places like Screwfix & B&Q mostly only carry home wiring solutions, which is needlessly heavy and expensive for this. Just type, for example "12AWG Wire" (replace 12 with what you need if needs be) into eBay, you'll find some suitable results for sure. I personally have bought this listing from this seller with good results:
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    Just make sure to get silicone wire, the normal stuff tends to melt and short.

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    Try Technobots or Component Shop.

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    Agreed, Make sure its silicon and highly flexible. I bought some silicone wire from eBay and it turned out to be 16 stranded steel wire in a silicon coating. Wasn't too impressed. Should have stuck with a turnigy branded silicone wire, at least i would have got the right stuff.

    That above eBay link is a good one as they list the strand count, being 680 for 12AWG. so thats the good stuff

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