Hi All,

Sorry to dig this subject up again, but after taking a devastating impact form a vertical spinner in Manchester on the 21st, I'd just like to clarify the rule surrounding entanglement devices:

12.2.1 EntanglementEntanglement devices such as nets, fishing line, cables, string, glues or tapes, which require the matchto be stopped and the robots separated. (If this occurs the ‘entangler’ forfeits the match)

It's the "which require the match to be stopped and the robots separated" bit that I'd like clarified. If I was able to deploy a device listed in the rule that did not require the match to be stopped and the robots separated, is that OK?

From the Build your own Robot manual from Haynes, Iron-Awe 6 is detailed as being equipped with pneumatically powered canon to launch entanglement devices. I'm curious if the principle of a deployable device/projectile that is defined as a entanglement device, that is not tethered (or has a method to sever the tether once deployed), is acceptable?

Or was this legalisation only applicable to the Robot Wars series?