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Thread: New Antweight: The Phonebook

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    Hey, fantastic application for any 3D printer is antweight combat robots

    It may be better to post a picture of the surface of the print to explain what your issues are, as it could be several, over extrusion, filament diameter? skipping motor steps, but as its a prebuilt machine it should be fine.
    I run wanhao duplicator machine myself so should be the same machine.

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    In my 1st attempts I would get this thick print that I had to abort as the nozzle was dragging the print around as the filament was stuck in the nozzle20180213_205044.jpg

    The 2nd photo was my recent print and I aborted it as again the filament would pool around the nozzle and cause it to drag the print but it's not this big blob like the 1st image
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    looking at the picture of the print on the bed, it looks like your nozzle is set to far away from the bed, causing it to fail and drag the printed plastic to move around and be dragged by the nozzle.

    The first thing you will need to do is level the bed to the nozzle.

    This is where you move the nozzle (cleaned and cool) to just above the small sprung screws and adjust/tighten/loosen the screws so that the gap between the bed and the nozzle is small enough that a sheet of paper can just fit in between (with some resistance)

    This will mean your plastic coming from the nozzle will be flattened into the glue (assume its magigoo or a purple elmers glue type thing?) and will stick.

    Have you looked at bed levelling when you started? - just incase this can be ruled out

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    Try using 0.3mm layers to start with, <0.2mm layers are quite hard in some plastics. Especially if the filament is a bit dubious.

    I recommend only using good quality filament, this is what I use.

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    Get the bed level thats the first important thing. When levelling, adjust the sprung nut/screw so that you cannot pull the paper out from between bed and nozzle, then slowly tighten a bit and try moving the paper, and repeat until the paper can move but you can still feel the paper has some very small resistance.

    I would advise not using ABS to begin with as its a bit more problematic and PLA will get you going. Then move onto PETG. getting started with printing using ABS is adding a few more hurdles to get going. It also needs a good chamber of heat and a heated bed of 110 degrees, so make sure you are at the right temp. This could also be why it is not sticking if you have the wrong temp.

    When the level is right you should be able to just leave it and it will print fine multiple times over.

    Let us know how you get on levelling and then with the PLA, you shall find it is good with this. PLA bed temp of 60-70, and nozzle temp of 195-215 depending on the brand/properties.

    Z offset is not needed, but if its still dragging in the material after a few layers check the diameter of the PLA filament and check to make sure its correct in the slicer settings.

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