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Thread: Servo movement

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    Hey guys, whats the usual arc of movement on the 9g servos? The ant is finished and all seems to be working (vid will be uploaded into build thread later) but the range of movement is pretty pitiful, by hand the servo has a arc of about 120 degrees, powered its nearer 40 degrees, is this a setting on the throttle channel that I have wrong, or just how it works?


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    Well, using the throttle channel I get around 25-30 degrees travel, I mixed with rudder to get almost 90 degrees, but it now returns to the Halfway point instead of either up or down.

    Looking at the screen on th tx, throttle only gives an output of 0-100, but rudder outputs between -100 & 100, which explains the extra swing... so if I can work out how to multiply the output it should be better... I'll report back

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