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Thread: First Robot

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    So is this transmitter/receiver better?
    I don't use that particular variant so I can't comment but so long as the receiver failsafes to a safe/off position, it then comes down to what you want out of a transmitter.

    The battery and ESC linked to are those used in Shu! but they are on the weak side of what would be "normal" for a Beetleweight I think. Then again, the ESC is something I had laying around rather than "being ideal" and the battery choice was because I am a bit iffy about using LiPo batteries but slowly coming to use them.

    Ultimately, the parts you choose depends on what you want out of your robot. I'd again advise reading the build threads to see what folks are using so you know what works and what doesn't.

    I would just add that I understand that each ESC feeds power to the receiver. So if you have two, you are best to remove the middle red wire from the feed from one of those ESC to RX links.
    I found that I didn't need to do this in Shu! but did need to do this in The Honey Badger so depends on the implementation I would have thought.
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    I too have a flysky fsi6, and it work ell with my other toys, I can recommend it as a starter, it even allows you t set your ow failsafe states of required.

    But then I'm the guy who built a machine that was totally incompatible with his tx...

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