Because you need a snappy title for these things.

Bunch of stuff I need getting rid of due to recent redundancy reasons, please PM me offers on each if prices aren't stated, plus whatever postage comes to.

Wheelchair motor pair:

[picture forthcoming]

These are a non identical wheelchair motor set but I believe may be rated to the same voltage and speed? Will verify this if it's majorly important to anyone.


Eric drive motors

[Picture forthcoming]

Pair of I'm presuming wheelchair motors from Eric. Not sure what they are exactly but they are quite nice and beefy. Run on 24V but probably will take more.


[B]Beetleweight parts [/b}

I have the above chassis for sale, almost ready to run (just requires rewiring, battery and radio gear) including:

2x 1000 rpm motors + foam wheels
2x Bb10 escs
1x NTM 28-30 motor /pulley+ Afro 20a Esc
400ish gram drum

Be aware that this is a dangerous robot on account of being a spinner so would advise caution. The chassis isn't amazing by my own admission but is salvageable by someone who's not lazy - would be willing to sell just the components though if that would be preferred.

I also have the internals from Modus Operandi, which include:

1 1ah 4s LiPo battery
2x VEX29 motor controllers (modified)
1 x dubious lemon DSMX receiver (may need looking at, works but occasionally drops signal for a second)
assortment of 1000 rpm motors
2x Afro 30a escs

I'm less enthusiastic to sell any of those... but if the right offers are there I'd be interested hence listing them. As again, would massively prefer them to go as a lot but may do in separate parts with a good offer.

I've also got 4 more NTM 28-30s (800kv), will sell separate or as a lot.


Saturn 16 gearboxes and motors

Pair of Ranglebox Saturn 16s along with 4 24v 775 brushed motors - the saturns are in perfect condition, and as a result I won't be letting them go cheap at all (especially considering they're out of stock and looks like they will be for the forseeable future), happy to let each of the parts of this go separately


2x Propdrive v2 42-30s - great fit for above saturns as a brushless conversion


SK3 Fandrive 1800 KV motor (3000kv@8s) + Red Brick esc

[picture soon]

Motor is quite worn but functional, Red Brick is a 120a model and works as it did out of the box, both straight out of Hardwired 3+


More added when I have another trawl around the shed