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Thread: Get Shrekt

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    Done a bit more work on Shrekt, namely tidying up the internals and making sure they’re as protected from shock as possible. I’ve also put the front forks back on, they’re probably not the most functional things but they look pretty cool. At this point the robot isn’t far off finished, and I have plenty of time until Manchester, not used to being ready this far in advance!

    FF7D230D-ADF4-481A-8DF1-F64754B6FD71.jpg 58A03C6A-6E87-4567-98CD-A6366EB40182.jpg F1AACD3D-0EA7-4E16-9418-D849080AAD8A.jpg 542E3FEC-95A1-4E0A-A9B3-4897475E1E76.jpg

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    So I had a few days off from work and was able to get Shrekt finished and ready for Manchester. It’s not as perfect as I’d like but for something basically handmade I won’t complain too much. Looking forward to seeing what it can really do!

    D59AFE73-8DA4-49A5-B29D-34C98AC5BC5D.jpg DD993B83-BF39-4FF6-A5FB-0F213E755935.jpg
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    Haven’t updated this in a while, Get Shrekt has had a major overhaul the past couple of weeks.

    So Insomnia was a great event for Shrekt, it won all of its qualifiers by knockout and managed to get all the way into the top 8! Not bad for a first event. However it did show up some flaws with the design that I couldn’t really ignore and with Cheltenham on the horizon I thought I’d fix some of the more major stuff and bring it along.

    First up was the weapon bulkheads, when I built Shrekt initially I didn’t really pay much attention to the angle at which the wedge fed stuff into the disc, or how long said wedge should be. As it turns out, having a super shallow, super long wedge isn’t great for consistent bite. To fix this I completely re-made both bulkheads with a much steeper wedge mount, to get the wedge almost parallel with where the disc tooth comes around. This should result in much bigger hits more consistently.
    7BA61AC4-842D-4215-AB7F-40E78458ACAF.jpeg E5AE7463-400A-4172-96CC-CB0F31D6D994.jpeg

    Next up, addressing the slight issue that in every fight At Insomnia, Shrekt bent the shaft for the weapon motor. I’ve put this down to 2 things, the shaft material and the lack of support between the back of the pulley and where the shaft goes through the bulkhead. I made a new Grade 5 Titanium shaft and also added a bearing to the bulkhead to hopefully add some extra support.

    B8768763-FF6F-47FD-92C7-8D5DC44067B1.jpeg 918A2F45-AFAA-4293-B00C-E62EBEE45677.jpeg 9D15CC55-0672-4919-B0E1-7002344B4FF0.jpeg

    Decided that the bodged, fairly weedy wheelguards should probably go too. They’ve been fine but whilst I was fixing everything else I figured I’d do that as well. The old ones were a mix of 15 and 20mm hdpe, the new wheelguards are all 20mm with 35mm thick bar at the back, much more substantial.


    All that was left to do now was some new top covers and mounting the wedge. I had planned a new wedge but for a spinner heavy live event I didn’t see much point I risking getting it damaged. I’ve just cut the old wedgelet down by about 45mm and resharpened it.

    43EE5B03-9029-4319-941E-D1CE25E9B671.jpeg 7B5DC906-3327-4EAD-BBA0-208800193419.jpeg 4BB63050-1B48-4A55-924D-594D0D7CF90D.jpg

    Apologies for the slight word vomit, Lots to talk about.

    Shrekt will be at Extreme Robots Cheltenham this Sunday so I’ll hopefully see some of you there!

    Cheers, Sam
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    I use my drill press for most things nowadays, best tool I ever invested in. For stuff that I can’t put on the drill pres like the wedge mounts and base of the bulkheads etc I use a cordless drill.
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    I second the use of a drill press. I just have one for holding a standard corded drill in, cost about £15 but worth every penny.
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    *Blows away cobwebs*

    Been a long time since I posted here, having just returned from a very successful Cheltenham event I thought I’d give a quick update of where Get Shrekt is currently and future plans.

    This year has been up and down for Get Shrekt, whether it due to age or my oversights there has always been one problem with it or another. I went into the Featherweight Champs this year feeling pretty confident, the machine had been running great at it last 2 events and it was hitting harder than ever before. It’s run at the event was *fine*, it won its heat and made it to the top 16 but crashed out after that, and the whole event it was plagued with belt tension issues and seemingly it was now too powerful for the bolts holding the disc to the pulley, as these were shearing on particularly big impacts. Honestly post champs I was ready to retire the old boy and focus on my new Featherweight, but I’d already planned to go to Cheltenham so decided to give it some tlc and see if the issues could be fixed.

    First up was the issue of shearing the bolts in the pulley, Shrekt has been using 4 m6 countersink bolts since I first built it however these were now not up to the hits it delivers these days. I purchased a milling machine this year so put that to use drilling out the holes in the disc and pulley to 8mm, and adding counterbores for the new cap head bolts. This should stop any bending/shearing but I’d find out at Cheltenham.


    Next on the list was the issue with belt tension, I use a smooth pulley on the weapon (toothed on the motor) to allow it to slip, unfortunately if the belt isn’t super tight to begin with then any belt stretch/wear can cause it to slip instead of spinning the weapon. At the champs I resorted to covering the pulley in tape, which worked but I wanted a more permanent solution. A quick and dirty belt tensioner was made up, literally just some bearings on an m6 bolt and whilst the belt was initially very tight, it would slacken off over time.


    A quick systems check and it was all ready for Cheltenham, unfortunately however I could only make the Sunday due to work commitments. Happy to report that the improvements worked perfectly, Get Shrekt dominated in both Sunday melees and scored some of the biggest hits its ever got. The disc span up first time every time and no bending or shearing of the disc bolts. One issue is that the extra belt tension does seem to be drawing more current, so the tiny (1.8ah) lipos we’re struggling to do a 3 minute fight. This version of Get Shrekt will be retiring at the end of the year, so this was a great way to send it off if I can’t make Robodojo in December.

    Apologies for the word vomit, I’ll leave some pictures of some of the damage and try and not leave it another year to post an update.

    cheers, Sam

    5DED1DAB-6427-4AF5-9552-88C50009CC73.jpg 29B635FF-6A38-4D28-B2CF-D343933E20C6.jpg D49559E0-A2AC-462A-8D93-10763CC91E83.jpg 2AFFFFE4-256C-4DB9-A612-8F24FC51F76A.jpg 4EEC75DC-1D55-471B-A95E-C79A21B58FC2.jpg
    56AA484E-D7DD-4FFB-9E0D-4551F2BA86F0.jpg 96E2F401-CC25-44CD-AE60-6D3D3C2297F8.jpg 12E92C35-CF63-4EC5-81F5-F94713B8B00A.jpg 5D79642D-8FBA-41A6-A446-70A2A7A3B4AC.jpg 01CCFC7C-C144-4AEE-AEE2-037B7CCC2822.jpg
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    hmmmm i wonder what be replacing it..............

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    That is an impressive set of damage photos!

    It's great to see all the little incremental changes you've made to make GS the monster it is today. Hopefully see you at Robodojo in a couple of weeks for its swansong and looking forward to whatever (presumably ogre-themed?) robot machine you come up with next!

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