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Thread: Robots Live! Stevenage 22nd & 23rd Septemeber 2018

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    Hello All

    We're heading back to Stevenage for the 5th year. Last year saw sell out shows, with an extra one having to be added, which we have done again this year.


    Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre
    Lytton Way,
    SG1 1LZ

    Show Times;

    Saturday: 3pm & 6pm
    Sunday: 12pm & 3.30pm

    Sign ups are available here (Please note this is a new form, please fill this out, even if you signed up before)

    See you all there!
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    on the signup it says october? which date is correct ?

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    Done, I think. That or phones playing silly buggers. Do you know if the heavyweight champs is being held here?

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    Hi All!

    We are pleased to announce that the FRA UK Heavyweight Championships will be once again held at Stevenage this year! Due to this we have released a new sign up form, please fill out this new form, even if you have filled the old one in please do this one again (sorry, but we have to know exact numbers for the championships).

    New form:

    We are hoping to change the format of the championships to allow more fights per team or more 1v1 fights, so we ask you to fill out the form ASAP to start giving us an idea on numbers!

    Many Thanks

    Robots Live

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    Hi All, can teams wishing to attend the UK Heavyweight Championships at Stevenage in 2 weeks, please make sure you have signed up, we need to know numbers so we can arrange the competiton format etc.

    Please sign up here;

    Machines signed up so far ( I know theres more, but they have yet to sign up):

    Point Break
    Iron Awe 5
    Iron Awe 6/7
    Iron Awe 8

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    Hi Alan,
    I presume the list you gave out is for HW's only. Will you be listing the FW's too?

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    Emails have gone out, let me know if you didn't get one!

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