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Thread: Botbitz TZ85

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    garh you beat me to it! yes it seems that ssome desoldering is required to program this board. i will be trying this later today and see what the controller is and do some electronics work to it, but currently, this is a no cannot be used at this stage.

    As ocracoke states, the controller is soldered to the control board which is soldered upside down to the FET control board. Should be simple to unsolder so will update after lunch.

    Otherwise i have one for a weapon assuming it is single direction - AE meaning Ariel vehicles - props only go one way!... then i can try use it for brushless drive - fwd and rev?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocracoke View Post
    Speed controller arrived this morning, will attempt to hack and update later on.

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    your choke (the black inductor square thing) on your PCB seems damaged - missing a corner, was that part of your unpacking? i would contact HK and say its broken...

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    I did notice that but to be fair, it is only the casing, the actual device itself looks OK so I am not too worried.

    If it comes to it, I'll make The Honey Badger 3.0 a fully brushless drive, I still have a pair of 100A Red Bricks laying around that would do the job as drive ESCs so no real worries here. Surprised though that the control unit is upside down here, seems a bit counter intuitive for cooling but then again, there was a thermal pad covering the entire green side of the ESC so....
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    I forgot to add that Hobbyking have said to me that the Turnigy TZ85A are not discontinued, but are being manufactured by factory and Hobbyking expect to be restocked in 4 - 6 weeks time....

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    Well, if you don't want the wait, the single channel FeatherTwos are a good alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapidrory View Post
    Well, if you don't want the wait, the single channel FeatherTwos are a good alternative
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    I wear an orange furry waistcoat on national TV; I have no shame :P

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    so this weekend i'm going to take mine apart and see what is going on under there, see if i can trace the outputs to see if it is actually pin compatible at least to the tz, meaning that if the code can be blasted onto it, i know that the pinouts will be the same and hopefully work...

    May have to read off the HEX in case i cant get it to work, otherwise i will have killed it! lol

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    So long as it's AVR (AtMega8 essentially in most ESCs) then even if no existing SimonK hex file is appropriate, working out the pinout isn't too difficult. I did this for the new Red Brick PCBs before discovering that somebody had beat me to it - so if it is AVR based we can definitely get SimonK onto it.

    By that logic, getting brushed firmware that can run it can be done by modifying the source for the existing brushed conversion software.

    PS I have done this with F-20A to get them to run brushed motors so it is definitely possible!

    Or just say F to it and get FeatherTwos instead
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