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Thread: MMMV23 at the Intermodallbau 2018

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    In order to keep everything safe, we have decided to limit spinners to 3kJ. The kinetic energy can be calculated on the runamok homepage:
    The MOI can be either calculated with the tools on the Runamok Page or the CAD program of your choice.
    Please have a printed out result of the KE-calculations at the event to make tech check as smooth as possible. A screenshot of the CAD showing the MOI would be very helpful too, especially if your weapon design is fairly complex or is made out of multiple parts.
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    How to "downtune" the top-line machines like Equinox, daredevil or Valkiri Pyro?

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    Videos from the event are online...

    Pictures are available in the GRA Album...

    Or in higher resolution on my Facebook profile...

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