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Thread: Machine shop in North West/ North Wales

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    Waterjet, K-Cut. Even for Belgium and Russia a prefered supplier.

    CNC parts, The few we use were made by Metal Skull Robotics. (Dennis and Stef in the Netherlands.)

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    I'd look to see if there is a local water cutters. I was lucky enough to find one only 25 miles from me that is incredibly good value for cash (much better than the quotes I've got from K-cut). Sadly they don't post so I can't recommend them. Lovely folks though. Check out google and send out a few requests for quotes to local companies.

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    Team Kaizen

    I've not used them but are based in Prenton (M53 J3) are very likely to be the closest. I may have a need for them when it comes to building my heavyweight...
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