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Thread: ESC recommendations

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    Its up to you, but I believe the consensus these days is 'Buy once, buy right'. You are better off buying a decent pair of controllers which you can reuse and transfer into future machines than tying to buy cheap. Combat is way outside what most ESC's are designed for and you will probably find you have spent as much on replacement cheap parts as you could have on one really good one.
    We use Brushless in our HW's I'll admit so its not my area of expertise, but a pair of Vypers, shock mounted would be a good say to go. Alternatively, drop your voltage to 24V and go with TZ85's... though do expect them to get very hot.

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    After our Rangebridge 2 blew I am looking for an alternative-£180 is a
    lot for me and to have another blow at that price would be traumatic.
    Many speed controllers are very pricey and apart from lack of engineering
    skills, the cost is a major issue to new roboteers
    I'm considering buying a scooter esc too, to do some experimenting on
    ie possible ways of reversing-.

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    If cost is a hindrance, start smaller. A heavy will cost you a 2de hand car in the run of a few years. It ain't a cheap hobby.

    On the other hand, it's a very satisfying hobby that will boost your skills faster than most educational courses and will give you a leg up in a technical profession.

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    60A is a tad low for our application. But with the right shock mounting, those could be usable.

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    I think Katch uses them in his heavy. Not heard any problems so far but it does look quite fragile so I'd second shock mounting it.

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    Why are you overvolting the motors?

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    You'll burn out the motors. I'll ask again, why are you wanting to overvolt?

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