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Thread: Newcastle/Durham

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    Hi Ratisha
    I'm not 100% sure- but when I wrote a thread headed Have Socials Died
    a Death it refered to the lack of interest in socials.
    I was told that most Roboteers meet up at live events which is great
    if you allready have a Robot to fight with but if your a Newbie and Don't
    have a Robot your not going to be able to mingle with the Roboteers
    I remember when Kevin Scott was holding regular Socials-just
    after series 7 had finished and we had up to 20 members attend.

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    I like the idea of a meet, as someone with a first build due to compete next year it would be really helpful to get feedback/ideas before the event and also meet some of the people before hand so its not quite as daunting when i turn up and don't know anyone! maybe we could arrange as Mark said a more central meet like Birmingham or Coventry and see what kind of interest and north/south ratios of people there are and plan accordingly for any future meets

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