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Thread: Dual motor drum spinner

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    I have some electric skateboard parts floating around so I was looking at practicing spinners with a Beetleweight.

    I have a design for a dual motor drum spinner running off one ESC and battery but I am not sure which motors to use. Please can someone point me in the right direction?

    From a size point of view Brushless outriggers would be ideal, but I'm not sure on powering two brushless from the same ESC.

    Does anyone know a compact brushed motor with no bias on spin direction? I already have a Dual Quicrun esc for brushed motors so I think that is my preferred option. I found this one at 12V but with a 12v battery it might be a bit heavy:

    if I go brushless can anyone recommend a light motor that comes in both CW and CCW? Am I right that I would need separate ESCs for them though?

    My belt drive has a 3:1 reduction and 8mm shafts so I was looking at about 3-4000 rpm to get a 1500RPM drum. All the brushed RC car motors I found are much faster than that and RS only has them at 24V. Voltage... I suppose 7.2V to keep weight down?

    Oh and cheap, it would be nice if it was cheap.

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    You can't really run 2 brushless motors of one brushless speed controller if it not a duel system.
    Also running duel weapon motors for weapons leads to problems and extra complexity and 1 single bigger motor is normally easier.

    There are exception, Pulsar IIRC is one but they are few and far between

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    Yeah, it is more the parts I have to hand which are dictating dual motors but if I get it right then it should be pretty beasty. I want the weapon to be oversized for the class after my weaponless pusher was snubbed for Insomia.

    There might be timing issues with two motors spinning one drum but I can always turn it into two drums side by side if that happens.

    I thought that was the case with Brushless, never really looked at them properly. Two escs might still be ok as long as they come off the same battery but I'll probably stay brushed - I can always upgrade later.

    I'll get my scales out, see if I can squeeze one of flat Damons 14.8V batteries into the weight limit.
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