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Thread: The Crash & Burn Tournament 6

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    Say what?

    That's right. #6 is here, after #5 went down the drain like #3 did before it. And rest assured, #6 will not be a hypo, as I seem to have regained by writing abilities, AND my interest in robot fanfic... thanks, new Robot Wars series'.


    1. Entries

    I need 10 people to enter:

    - 4 heavyweights (100kg)

    Realies are allowed, and actually are a bit more encouraged now. Unfortunately, because the weight limit is 100kg, you cannot enter robots from the newest Robot Wars series unless they fall below 100kg, or match it within 1%.

    2. Weight bonuses

    - Normal weights for wheeled robots
    - 10% bonus for bots with treads (El Diablo Grande, Panzer), tracks (101, Trax) or shuffling pads (Son of Whyachi, Drillzilla)
    - 50% bonus for bots with true walking mechanisms (Mechadon, Pressure Drop)

    3. Robot rules

    - No flying or hovercraft robots :P
    - Clusterbots are allowed, but they must be, at most, 4 bots weighing up to 100kg together. The weight bonuses apply for clusterbots too, but only if ALL the bots in the cluster have the same type of motivation, otherwise it's void. Also, all the clusters in the whole robot must be eliminated for the whole robot to be out.
    - You can only have a maximum of 3 active weapons going at the same time.
    - Interchangeable robots are also allowed, but you may only use 3 attachments for the entire tournament (if you have more than 3 attachments, you'll have to choose which ones to be left out)
    - Maximum PSI allowed for nitrogen pneumatics is 2400PSI. (CO2 is automatically 900PSI since that is the max it can go to) Maximum PSI for hydraulic systems is 5000PSI

    4. Arena

    Welcome to the Battlegrounds!

    It's similar to the Battlebots arena, with two pairs of killsaws, and two hammers in opposing corners! However, do you see the spiked hammers, pictured? They are going to be replaced with house robots... specifically, Team Covenant's own house robots! Picture will be updated in due course.

    You can find the house robots' stats here:

    5. Judges' decision

    Fights in all the arenas except Casino Night Zone last for 5 minutes (even Lumina Cloth), then it goes to a judges' decision. The judges decision is as follows:

    Strategy - /5
    Style - /10
    Control - /15
    Aggression - /20
    Damage - /25

    Say for instance, Nightmare and Hypno-Disc fought and went to a JD (highly unlikely that'd be though :P ) example would be:

    Nightmare - Hypno-Disc

    Strategy = 2/5 - 3/5
    Style = 4/10 - 6/10
    Control = 9/15 - 6/15
    Aggression = 6/20 - 14/20
    Damage = 18/25 - 7/15

    TOTAL = 39/75 - 36/75

    and so Nightmare would win the decision based on that.

    6. Stat sheet

    This is a basic stat sheet, one that I nearly always use:

    Name: (obvious)
    Shape: (please, PLEASE give a basic shape. If you can't explain it properly, give me a picture. Even a Paint pic will do)
    Colour: (if your bot has a pic, this isn't needed too much )
    Weight: (explained somewhere above)
    Armour: (what material covers your robot; this can range from polycarbonate, aluminium, titanium, Hardox, kevlar, etc.)
    Drive: (your motors: LEM130, Bosch 750w, A28-400 are good examples)
    Power: (power source, pretty much batteries: Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Cadmium[NiCad], Nickel-Metal-Hydride[NiMH], Sealed Lead Acid [SLA] are the main batteries. Also state the voltage. You don't need to state the batteries if need be (like, beginners, hehe) ^^ )
    Motivation: (what moves your robot's weight around the arena: wheels, tracks, shuffling pads, etc.)
    Top Speed: (your maximum drive speed)
    Ground Clearance: (the space between the bottom of the tip of the robot, and the arena floor. If it's 0, it can't move. Skirts can be used but you must state what material they're made of (but not in this section!) and what the ground clearance is behind them)
    Turning Circle: (not really needed; if it has a turning circle, please state it here)
    Dimensions: (length x width x height; it can't be too small or else your drive/weapon power/etc. won't fit; conversely, if it's too big your armour may be overweight, or really weak!)
    Weaponry: (what weapons do your robots use to fight with? what are they powered by, or are they static? what material are they made of? if you have a pneumatic weapon (flipper, some spikes, or some crushers), state the pressure (PSI) it fires at. If you have a spinner, try to state the kJ output, weight, and diameter of it)
    Srimech: (does it run invertibly, or does it have a mechanism that rights the vapourbot?)

    7. BIIBI

    Otherwise known as "Build It and I'll Believe It". It's Frank Goacher's highly effective system used in his NSBFL series of tournaments to check for overweight or impossible vapourbots and it should be honoured here. If a vapourbot on here is blatantly overweight, or it's blatantly not possible (and I WILL be checking), I'll update the sign-up thread with robots that are BIIBI, label them with that, and explain the problems. Once the vapourboteer has fixed the problems stated, the BIIBI label will be removed. It will also be removed if you explain logically how you design can work, but don't get too rule bendy. :P And remember, I'm not perfect either. I'll be asking for help with this, so...

    8. No stupid vapourbots

    Or ones that are meant to be a joke. Because this isn't a joke tourney, k? If there's massive demand for stupid vapourbots, I'll re-open ATTTWI or something.

    9. Fighting

    NO VAPOURBOTEER FIGHTING. I don't know how many times this has occurred. If you have a beef with somebody, keep it off this thread. Remember, it's the robots that are supposed to be killing each other, not us.

    10. Issues

    If I make a mistake during a battle, or with the line-ups, please kindly point it out to me so that I may rectify it. Like I said, I'm not perfect and often screw up. However, if you're an arse with your statement, consider it ignored.

    11. The format

    Follows the new Robot Wars series (8 and 9 anyway) format up to a few points:

    - 5 heats of 8 robots. Each heat has 2 1v1v1v1 fights, from which 2 robots each will move on from, then single elim until we get a heat winner, similar to RW6 and RW7
    - once we get our 5 grand finalists, there will be a rumble between the heat finalists to determine the 6th grand finalist
    - grand final is 3 1v1 matches, then a losers' melee to determine the semis. Then single elim until we get our champion. There will be a 3rd-place playoff.

    12. Other

    There will be virtually no seeds for this tournament. WhipCoil may be the current champion and all, but too many of our competitors are long gone and there won't be enough seeds to fill out the missing ones from C&B5. Also, there will not be any otherweights, as I believe asking the members of the ARC community to do other-weights (for now) is a bit too much of a hassle. If there's a C&B7 (which I doubt), maybe they'll be comfortable enough to do them then. :P


    If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please feel free to message me on Discord, Facebook, or heck, just post in the thread.

    Now everybody get in and feel the burn. :twisted:

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    Just a note, this will now be primarily hosted on the Advanced Robot Combat forums due to personal reasons.

    If you're a newcomer, please sign up on the forums and join in! Ta muchly!
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