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Thread: Triforce 3 - Build Progress Thread

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    Figured it was about time I started to share what was happening with Triforce. We have made some drastic changes to the design over the last few months to address a heap of issues we found.

    First off I want to show the results of using the spinner spreadsheet for our new design.

    The main way we are achieving such a fast spin up is by ditching our silly contact wheel design and using an internal gear, much the same way that ringmaster works but with only one drive gear.
    This one very large gear is turned by three sensored 150cc rotomax running on our custom A450S (VESC) speed controllers. They all run together with one T10 belt connecting them to the gear. The belt is rated at 200kW so we are confident it won't break.

    To reduce the chance of damage to the motors when the ring stops suddenly we have a torque limiter similar to the one carbide uses. This lets the pulley attached to the gear to slip if the torque exceeds a certain limit.
    Here is a picture of how the whole assembly looks.

    and with all its supporting structure

    All the parts for the new design are from 4mm hardox, we found that getting things milled in aluminium is way to much hassle. The frame of this new weapon drive unit shows how it goes together.

    We have also ditched the horrendous omni drive system we had, due to it being too heavy and taking too much space. (Also it can't actually move...) Now we have a shiney new 2WD system with spur gear reduction and sensored 50cc rotomax again driven by our own A450S (VESC) controller. This gives us a top speed of about 20mph.

    So when we put that all together we end of with something that looks like this.

    This makes our spinner have a total peak power output of 60kW (80HP) and continuous of 30kW (40HP) if you add in the drive system it brings that total to 40.6kW (54.4HP). I can hear the batteries screaming already lol.

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    I hear the batteries screaming because you'll need to cram'm in with a crowbar.

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    looks...... epic.

    could you share that Excel sheet as infomation is always useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxamuslead View Post
    looks...... epic.

    could you share that Excel sheet as infomation is always useful
    Its the one from Team Run Amok, available here:
    When I looked just now I noticed they have a javascript one

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    Nice redesign, hopefully it sorts the issues you guys had. Although what aspect of it constitutes the 'Tri' in Triforce now? Guessing it'll have to be the weapon motor setup
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Zenith's Avatar

    That looks awesome, and potentially brutal. Are the teeth interchangeable in any way?

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    The Tri was originally meant to be the 3 drive wheels and 3 weapon motors but the 3rd motor didn't fit. Since we dropped the 3rd wheel I had to make the 3rd weapon motor fit so we could keep the name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveimi View Post
    Looks expensive!! But awesome...

    Doesn't look like there's enough meat holding the ring drive sprockets in place.
    The sprockets are 4mm hardox and welded to the inside of the ring so should be fairly solid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
    That looks awesome, and potentially brutal. Are the teeth interchangeable in any way?
    No they are full penetration welded so they ain't coming off... I hope.

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