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Thread: Triforce 3 - Build Progress Thread

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    Thanks! So was I

    Plan is to limit the current to the motors so they can't produce enough torque to make it slip. Something like 300A each.

    We are controlling the motors with our own vescs over canbus and they are gonna either be sensored or have encoders. So they should stay in sync. We will be testing how they interact on a smaller mock up first, then if it has any problems we can change the vesc software to ensure they stay in sync.

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    Some more progress tonight. Added some shock mounts for the weapon drive block and made a top panel. Added the weapon drive shaft and way the pulleys are mounted.

    Spinner teeth are below the frame.

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    Very nice. Is the internal weight going to be biased to one side or are there going to be skid plates/ball castors fitted? Looking at it now, it looks like when you accelerate or decelerate, the momentum is going to rock the robot forward or back around the wheel axis and throw the teeth into the floor.

    EDIT: Just spotted some protruding threads on the left of the bottom image that would stop that. Similar thing to be added to the right?
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    The COG is pretty much in the middle at the moment so there will be skid plates on both sides to stop the teeth hitting the floor.
    Those bolts are from the shock mounts, they are going to be cut so a nut just fits on.

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    I still have to model the top of them properly, there will be 12mm shafts on the top coming out the hole that you can see, with bearings to support the pulleys. The hardox plate that is on top of the gear shaft at the moment will be extended out a bit. Although it is only belt tension force so it won't be very beefy. Probably 5mm wide bars connecting the tops.

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    We have decided to get a second ring for fighting spinners, this time with the teeth as part of the ring. So no welds that might break in a big impact. It also gives us a spare incase one of them gets bent.

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    Most of the new parts have arrived. So this will just be a bunch of pictures for now as I still need to properly assemble everything.

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    And the rest

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