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Thread: Triforce 3 - Build Progress Thread

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    Yeah that was the other plan, will need to cut the shafts down anyway. So that is probably the easiest way to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean retro View Post
    At least it didn't do a Apex and take off.
    The teeth actually stick out below the chassis so if one touches the ground it might go flying. Which will make it more entertaining to watch.. less so for driving!

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    Shorter shafts = less weight.

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    First page of this thread.

    Weapon has 3 Rotomax 100CC motors. Drives, 1 Rotomax 50cc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddox10 View Post
    First page of this thread.

    Weapon has 3 Rotomax 100CC motors. Drives, 1 Rotomax 50cc.
    3x 150CC Rotomax

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    Wow I really haven't updated this in a year... oops.

    We are hopefully going to be attending XR Bolton in a few weeks time. So its all hands on deck to get everything working to the best of our ability.

    First thing was to reduce the weight of the wheels which we have been using since the original version. They are 25mm silver steel shafts with a 12mm hole in the middle to reduce weight. Then 5 bearings went inside the wheel to stop any damage from hammers. Or something ... I designed them back when I had no idea what I was doing so its stupidly over engineered.
    Now there are only 2 bearings and a spacer to keep them in place, a bolt runs through the centre to hold the shaft in the mount.

    I have been really trying to make everything as modular as possible for ease of repair. The biggest issue with the original robot was constantly having to unscrew some 60 bolts to take the top panel off. So now the entire electronics section comes out in one huge block. There is an aluminium plate on the top and bottom joined by pillars which houses the batteries, fuse, links and ESCs.

    This is an older version of the plate.


    The new one looks like this:

    The wheel units are held in at the bottom with 4 bolts and lift straight out.

    Finally I designed a new much simpler weapon motor unit. This time its using Neumotor 8025 motors with a 36mm belt (Fairly sure the 16mm one is going to snap at Bolton). Plus because the new motors are much shorter and about half the weight of the rotomax the module is much shorter than before. So we can now mount the motor connections on top of it instead of tucked down the sides.

    You can really see how much shorter it is, since the old one stuck out the top and bottom of the chassis!
    unknown (1).png2019-06-24 23_59_54-Autodesk Fusion 360 (Education License).jpg2019-06-25 00_00_47-Autodesk Fusion 360 (Education License).jpg

    More photos and testing videos to come! I took next week off work to get it finished.

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