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Thread: BOB FW Series

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    Sounds like thread-lock like Loctite blue (243)

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    Team Kaizen

    What I do with keyed shafts and grub screws these days is drill an indent into the shaft just wide enough for the grub screw to sit in and then use lockthread to hold it in. Works well enough on my Middleweight.
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    Well that was really fun, the only problem I had when a wire came loose, steering was in reverse and in the last fight the battery losing power.

    1st fight
    Apart from the steering I been trying to avoid the spinners and look what happens, also the back panel cracked.
    Attachment 9018Attachment 9019

    2nd fight
    It was going well until I got pushed into the pit.
    Attachment 9020

    3rd fight
    On day two I replaced the back panel just to play it safe. Got knocked around a bit on its left side and getting flipped.

    4th fight
    I do not know why but that left side keeps getting hit by spinners, but with it beaning the last fight of the day it doesn't really matter how much beat up it gets. The only thing in that one was the battery dying on me.

    Post fight.
    Those spinners really took a good go at it and in the same place as well. With components intact the only thing to do is build new armour and make it smaller.

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    Seems like you took the hits well! Are you taking BOB to Robodojo next weekend?

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