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Thread: BOB FW Series

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    Sounds like a major Project Sean, looking forward to see what you come up with.

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    Sounds good! I'm hoping to graduate to the full combat fights too, look forward to seeing your progress.

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    Any tips on getting that nut off the scooter motor.
    No matter how hard I try to keep the motor from turning it just wants to turn. Also I'm sure they guled the hut on.

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    It is kind of, it is in threadlock. I had to get these off for Kaizen before I switched out for something else. I detailed how I got mine off in the build thread for Kaizen here:

    The nut needed a 19mm socket on mine so I'd start there.
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    The sprocket is a D shape, if you dont want the sprocket tighten it into a vice or a set of pliers and use a spanner to unscrew the nyloc nut. Otherwise clamp around the sprocket with material to stop it spinning and hold onto the material and use the spanner, or clamp the shaft in a set of maul? grips and undo. it will come undone

    As above post thats linked

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    If you are still stuck Sean, first make sure the nut is not left hand thread-you can do this

    by tracing the exposed thread with your finger nail to make sure you are slackening rather

    than tightening.

    Invest in a pair or quality snipe nose mole grips to hold the shaft and then use a good spanner

    or socket to turn the nut the correct way.

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    there standard thread, use mole grips, Slip Joint Plie etc to grip the shaft and something to grip the nut.

    but you will need to battle hardern the magenets in the scooty, and it suggestable to weld the sporket onto the motor shaft. you know what chain you going to be using ?

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