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Thread: Impact Energy of a Hammer

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    So, my mathematics has failed me once again. I'm looking to work out the impact force of a hammer, while knowing the ram force, arm length and impact area size.

    Ram Force (at full extension): 10,000N
    Arm Length: 1 Meter
    Impact Area Size: 1 cm x 1cm

    In my mind, this should be crazy simple, but I think I have done it incorrectly, mainly because I don't know what difference the impact area size makes. (Plus, moment arms were a long, long time)

    Could anyone explain it at a 5-year-old's level please?

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    And so it has, somewhat. The page doesn't really explain what "l" is, or how the impact area affects it
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    The main reason I want to figure it out is so I know how much energy my feather has the potential to impart (although, other factors, such as lack of skill, play a huge part in that) - plus, I much prefer seeing how things work on paper then bringing that into CAD simulations. I tend to understand them better. (Like, I learned to draft before starting CAD)

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    they hurt

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