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Thread: Drivetrain question

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    Bullfrog didn't have a high top speed, but the acceleration was very very good, as well controlablity.

    The motors were rated 3300rpm and 1.2Kw @24V. We ran them at 10S/37V. Max current draw was limited to 80amps per motor tough.
    Gearratio 20-1 with 250mm wheels.

    Tough As Nails uses Bosch 750's (rated at 750W 24V) , also on 10S/37V, but with a lower gearratio and bigger wheels.

    Better top speed and decent push. Contrability, very good, due the wide wheelbase.

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    around 12mph on NPC T64 motors with 10 inch wheels. I forget the exact power rating but it's available online.

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