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Thread: Electric Axe featherweight - first build of FW

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    Hey Nat,

    Just seen you've had your TZ85As delivered. If you're using the brushless ones, instructions for Simon-King them are available - we put the set we used on our website ( which may help.

    If you get stuck - please shout. As we established last weekend, I'm probably one of your nearest roboteers.


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    Will defiantly be in touch, just got my fuses today so will start cutting the chassis and wiring stuff up, should be good.
    I also received my Ireland based ball castors, and well.. the ball bearings feel gritty so they are not the best. Will try and clean them out otherwise I shall just use them to scrape along the floor lol.
    100 amp fuses arrived also so I am covered there and have a 30 amp fuse for each of the ESC I have.
    Just need to get my cnc mill running on the table and then I can machine out some nice HDPE panels!

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    IMG_2757.jpgIMG_2755.jpgWell it's been a busy morning, was hoping this was the case last weekend but I left a USB stick at work with all my designs on...

    However this weekend I have been able to set up my mill and machine out 2 plates from HDPE
    Although I had to change the dimensions and design slightly as my bed only goes to 300mm long, 19mm too short.

    Results look fantastic and it slots together nicely

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    Looking good Nat!

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    Looking brilliant Nat. Can't wait to one day go against it with Ratatoskr when they're both completed.

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    So an update.

    I managed to clean up all of the floating black specks of nylon from the dining room table, dining room, kitchen, hallway, front room, stairs, bedrooms... you get it, yes it goes everywhere!

    Have cut out several pieces from my sheet of nylon, using printed templates to get the best arrangement to save material. Pieced together and slotting well. Few issues with spacing for brackets but repairable!

    For the base, I'm going to have to get it laser cut as I have decided wisely or not to get some interlocking going on with the base.
    I still wanted to prototype this so I was able to use the local backspace lasercutter, well local tomy commute.
    Have laser cut the rest of the panels I need and it is looking good.


    Just need to find the right supplier to do the laser cutting base and see if my mountings are going to work.

    Worried about the weight...

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    Team Kaizen

    Looks very neat and tidy so far, how heavy is it at the moment?
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

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    I'm unsure as to its weight currently, but will be taking it to work to weigh in on the scales there. I know I will have to do some sculpting out of the hdpe parts, so I'm expecting it to weigh more than the limit once e hardox panels are in. I have all my electronics now so could do a full weigh in, and see what I have left to play with for the hardox...

    The wood lbs weighs more than the metal, but I can get that from the cad

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    I managed to redesign my motor mounts in such a way they can be milled from HDPE as apposed to printed from Nylon, however the test part I did make was printed to prototype as I have redesigned it from 18mm material.

    When I fitted the motor to the bot, it suddenly occurred to me that the drive motor doesn't fit in one piece and that I have to take the motor off from the gearbox to slide it in. I will have to remove a section of the back support to allow me to easily replace it and the wheel.

    I wanted to get an overall look of how the front armour will look in real life, so I cut out some panels from cardboard and fitted it to the bot. I quite like it so far!

    Next step is to design the weapon motor and gearbox so I can machine out the parts for it and fit.
    Add a few mounting points for the internals and a padded section for the lipo.
    Machine my front piece from aluminium for strength -this will be where most of the forces will be, as well as the from of the wedge.

    So a busy few weeks ahead. Hoping to weld the rear covers and the front, but need to purchase my metal plate for that.
    Australian version...?

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    Today was robot day in my week off, so I have been a bit busy.

    Not as productive as I had hoped but lack of aluminium angle has hampered he chassis build.
    I did machine 4 more plates from the 12mm HDPE, being the sides and top panels.
    I decided to go all in one for the top panel instead of hardox and nylon as I think the hdpe will be strong enough to withstand any hits from above. Also I'm now planning of having an aluminium box inside to contain stuff and an air gap between important stuff and the outside world.

    The wedge slope angle I'm happy with and now contemplating using 4mm hardox instead of 6mm. I need to build the panels on the front and the step curved section on the back, but I need to find the right supplier for these, have asked an engineering company I have used at work to see if they can get some in, cheaply... maybe even sponsor?

    I need to buy some 18 or 20mm hdpe now for the new improved motor mounts so can machine then not print them, although the printed parts work, I doubt they will take much break.
    Addition to this I need to offset the motor placement in the new design as the wheels rub against the inner wall of the chassis.

    Now I need to retire the esc and do all that so may do that this evening.

    The pic shows a lovely front wedge plate sadly I need strength here so these are for decorative purposes and photo purpose only. Same with the hammer!

    Additional, I weighed the chassis alone including the wooden base and it came to 1984g so 2kg, need to weigh the components and get a rough idea of overall weight, that may help define the thickness of hardox I get!
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