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Thread: Electric Axe featherweight - first build of FW

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    sorry I was looking at the images 6969 and 6968

    this website could help

    Also is it a 24v or 12v ?
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    Been looking for a suitable battery, and Optipower is out of my price range at the moment.
    Been looking ideally for a 4S 65c 3300/4000 Lipo and looking on the hobbyking pages i have come across several types that i have whittled it down too.

    These being

    Turnigy Nano-tech - LiPo - (not correct C)
    Turnigy Heavy Duty - LiPo -
    Turnigy Bolt - LiHV (assume its under the Lipo) -

    Nano Techs apparently puff up in this application so not great.
    Heavy Duty Turnigy are currently out of stock in the UK.
    Turnigy Bolts are higher cell voltages than standard LiPo giving 4.35v per cell - LiCo nano tech

    Looking at the rules,

    Section 7.4 and 7.5 there is a specification that only LiPo chemistry with max cell voltages of 4.2 are allowed.

    Where do the LiHV LiPo batteries stand with these rules?

    Otherwise, can anyone make a recomendation on a battery brand (i have searched the forums )

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    I've personally bought myself some Turnigy Zippy Compacts 5 cell 35C 2700's, and from what I've heard, they're not too bad. And if you look hard enough at that particular set of batteries, then you'll be bound to find something to what you want from that line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roboteernat View Post
    Nano Techs apparently puff up in this application so not great.
    Where did you hear that? We're using Nano Tech's on our heavyweight....

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    heard through several posts on this forum - searched for nano-tech however it may differ with different S ratings...

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    Done it, so i now have some 4S nano-tech batteries on their way.
    I bought a combat ready 65-130C 3300mah and a tester 2650 60-70c

    here they are!

    Also from their bargain bin sales I got some silicone battery covers for 1p and a lipo fire safe bag for individual battery. This was £2 something.

    Cad model redesigned for v3 and I have been able to reduce the square footprint to something more expected, currently cm 40 wide by 30,

    Next step is to get some more 10awg wire and fuses for the battery's as per rules, and get a tz85a for the weapon motor.
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    So, I failed...
    Turns out the cheapest place to get wire from was actually hobbyking, so have now bought a lot from them and forfeited the additional postage charge...
    In addition to this I have a tz85a and programmer cable, as well as a charging cable for the battery.

    Plan ahead of your purchases!

    Also I have bought some ball transfer caster units just from China at £1.50 a pop

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    TBH I just found them on eBay, but there was an Irish seller linked to by another forum user on their build diary that was ireland based and not that much more expensive, will link below with their quote

    From project squirrel in Featherweights forum

    I don't know of any featherweights that run castors [...]
    The Honey Badger does use a castor on the front and previously did so on the rear when the wheels were located in the middle. Strictly speaking the rebuilt version doesn't need it., it has enough force to move on its HDPE base with the motors driving it along but I find it helps make it a little more controllable. I use castor balls in mine ( rather than a wheel to help with ground clearance.

    I will possibly also get some from this linked seller as it's Ireland. And I don't have to wait a week or 5
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