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Thread: Ratatoskr Build Diary. (Featherweight)

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    not sure how effective the would be but if you have a blow torch try heating it up, if there is any glue it will break that and if you do it right expand the pulley, just be careful not to burn yourself. when I was young kid me and my dad were making a go kart and i grab the wrong end a of a axle he had welded, yeahh that hurt.

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    Unfortunately, I don't have access to a blowtorch, so that method's out of the question.

    I mean, if I can't get it off, I'll just do the grip technique like I did with the mounts for the motor and glue it around the pulley.

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    i see not the eclip.
    You could use a lighter to heat up the pully to break the glue - it will break down with heat. then, with some needle nose pliers, place the pliers under the pulley and around the shaft and level it up, heat and lever, heat and lever etc. it will work it self up.

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    So, another little update, considering I've been kind of behind on things here, I've managed to get the motor mount cut out, just need a couple of things to do with that, and that'd be good to go.

    With that being said, I'm not entirely sure how long the armour cutting would take, along with the shaping and such, but if I get another nice, sunny day with no chance of rain, then I'm definitely going to be getting the jigsaw, drill and dremel out again and giving the plastic a good going over.

    Other than that, soldering, cutting, and testing, and Ratatoskr may end up getting into Manchester!

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    Oh lordy lew, it's been a while since I've updated the build diary. But I made a small amount of progress since the disappointment of not making it to Manchester last year due to it not being safe in my eyes. The front plates were bowing, there wasn't enough time to add a weapon locking mechanism and it just didn't look safe. So after the bullsh*t that was the weather of last year, I've finally managed to get out, into the shed and back on Ratatoskr... which their dowel nuts have rusted up a little... though it is superficial, I'll just give it a sanding if need be.

    Anyway, the little update, I've managed to add a couple more spines on the front of the robot, angled so that I can rest the front plates on them and make it a little smoother. So there'll be two plates for each side, each spine will hold both plates, and make sure that everything's a little smoother than before... maybe I should draw something up to be a little bit more clear with it haha.

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    Well, finally managed to get an update video sorted out...

    Not sure if that code'll work, but if it does, hey something worked.

    So a simple update really, and if I sound a little nervous, not only is it something I haven't done in a while, but I had to evict a wasp earlier. Hate the sods, haha.

    So now, I'm looking for a battery box and an ESC box... I'll have to make measurements as soon as possible. Either way, hopefully later on this week, I'll be able to cut up more for the robot.

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    Looks good!

    Out of interest, why are you worried about the rust on the dowel nuts? It doesn't look pretty but it seems pretty superficial, I wouldn't have thought it would affect them structurally.

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    The rust on the dowel nuts won't have any effect on their strength, they'll be absolutely fine to keep using. If you don't want them looking rusty, just pop them in a tub/glass/bowl, fill with Coke and leave for a couple of days. If you do want to buy more, I just get mine from Screwfix. They've been out in the shed for ages and show no signs of rusting.

    In terms of battery and ESC boxes, do you have any spare plastic left over? It wouldn't take much to knock up a couple of enclosures out of offcuts, as well as fashioning a lid/restraint for them. Alternatively, just grab some plywood and wood screws from B&Q, will probably cost about the same as if you were to buy a commercial solution.

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