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Thread: Ratatoskr Build Diary. (Featherweight)

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    Glad you got the lights and are pleased with DP!
    Those lights won't need a resistor and I attached some VHB tape to the back of them so they will stick down nicely -same stuff the cladding is stuck on to the Abu Dhabi Torch building... although that is a touchy subject these past few weeks...
    The wiring looks good. If you don't have a BEC for RC stuff, where the Esc generates the 5v to ppwer the receiver, you will need a 15-24v to 5v converter.

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    I think I may have goofed up...

    So the Sabertooth ESC I got is a 12 amp ESC with a BEC built in... and I was aiming for 30 amps with the fuses I have... something tells me that isn't going to work... Am I right in assuming that it won't work? Because if so, I may need to splash out on another ESC... Which will no doubt p*ss my mother off.

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    you will need a fuse rated lower than the max the esc requires otherwise the esc will save the fuse from blowing up.

    the 12amp may be a little too low for this sport, take a look at the featherTwo by Rory - - £60ish
    otherwise its the tz85a for long term use £65ea programmed or £35ea unprogrammed which you could do yourself, or someone could for you?

    you could save the sabertooth for a beetle or sell on?

    Other people may be able to offer advice on esc bits, but i do think sadly the 12amp esc is too low.

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    Figured. God... I was going to write a whole list of explicit language but I'm not sure if that's against the rules so I'll avoid doing so.

    And I've tried Emailing Rory once before, never got a response, so I went for that particular sabertooth... I may try contacting him through here and see if I get a response through here.

    And would this BEC work for the receiver? And where about on the circuit would it go?

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    Team Kaizen

    The TZ85a is a one motor affair rather than a twin motor but is, as well reported, bulletproof (even managing to survive a frazzling from a unintended short last night :S). I've reprogrammed three of the things before, it is actually quite simple to do. I know ARC Robotics have got a guide on how to do this (or you could check out the build thread for The Honey Badger to see the parts list needed - no soldering required).

    I am looking for a Beetleweight ESC for a future project... is there a specification for this Sabretooth ESC at all?
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    I may have to look into that as an alternative, though I was never any good at systems and control. But if it's as simple as you say it is, then I might give it a shot. But do I need a BEC to go with it though? And if so, what'd be a good BEC to go with... 3 of them? (One for left, one for right and one for weapon.)

    As for the ESC, I have it in my little box of electrical stuff, but it's never been used, which is a good thing. All the information about it is on here. The only time I opened it was to check if everything was in it, so it's pretty much near mint condition, haha. Once again, I'll have to confer with my mother so she knows what I'm doing.

  7. #17 is the specs for a sabertooth - Outlaw is this the one?

    The TZ85s are good, will have a go at programming one in a bit, but if you wanted to go down this route im sure someone could program them for you if you pay the cost for them from hobbyking.

    the BEC would only be needed IF the esc do not have it, so depending on what you do with the esc you may not need to buy a BEC.

    The BEC would fit after the jumper and fuse. May have its own fuse depending?

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    "Built with imported N-Channel mosFET's and an ultra fast Atmel MCU & heartbeat make this a high performance ESC with excellent sync capabilities. This ESC has a 5A SBEC for solid reliable servo power." - From the Hobbyking website.

    So it has a SBEC, is that the BEC we're talking about?

    Also yes that would be the one, thank you for pulling through again Nat.

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    SBEC is a 'Switching BEC' meaning the electronics are capable of running from higher voltages, supply more amps (ie run more stuff from them - servos electronics etc), generally do not heat up as much as a linear BEC or UBEC and have a clean reliable output.

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    Oh nice. Then that's more than likely going to be my go to then. I'll either have to contact Ellis and see if I can get two more from him. Failing that, I'll have to give it a shot myself. But I'll have to wait til Monday for that.

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