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Thread: Robo Challenge Championships - Insomnia 61

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    Thanks James, good to know that. <rushes out for a reel of Kevlar>

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    I've got a few questions - is the friday a test day, and the remaining theee days for the competition? As I've currently only got the Friday booked off work. Also, what's the format for the competition? And finally, how big can teams be? How would team mates get into insomnia too? Cheers!

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    I believe the first half of Friday is a test time for testing bots in the arena, getting tech checks done etc, then the competition starts on Friday afternoon through to Sunday (?). Team mates should have been listed on the application form (max 4) but best email James/Grant if you need to add people as they will need names for passes.

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    Is there usually a place at the venue for us to store our robots overnight? I don't really fancy dragging 50kg of robots, tools and spares back to the hotel.

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    Just leave the bots and tools on the bench in the pits, that's what we all do
    Ain't nobody got time for bringing everything back and forth every day

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    Since making the application ive got a new team member, is it ok to just bring them along or do i need to register them somehow aswell?

    Also robots name has changed to Utopia from the origional entry
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    I'm in the same boat, my original team mate can't make it, so someone else is coming in their place. Also my robot's name has changed to Spectre from the original entry :P

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    What days are the competition fights? Friday through Monday or is Friday the test day again?

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    Team Kaizen

    Unfortunately, I've had to pull out of this due to a scheduling conflict that is beyond my control. Gutted at the moment
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    Matt, according to the info on the sign up form, the first half of Friday is a test period, with the competition starting in the afternoon. Doesn't say when it finishes but I would assume all the way through to end of play on Monday.

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