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Thread: Questions About 200A (or more) Brushless ESCs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
    It's basically impossible to run 28p motors on current-gen VESCs reliably unless they're extremely low KV or you undervolt.
    Good thing I am making some new ones then since VESC6 is way too expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EventorizonIan View Post
    Euan; What sort of price are you trying to bring your brushless ESCs in at?
    I would also add that the three we broke, 1 we ran on a lab supply and regen broke it by overvoltage, 2 was from too high erpm 130000, and 3 was when mucking around with hall sensors. So none actually failed while in use, but the ability to damage them accidentally is really easy.

    As for pricing on the 300A vesc, its likely to be £150 bom +£12 board cost. So probably selling for £300. That will probably change though. Once i finish the layout and get some made i will be sending some out for beta testing at parts cost.
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