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Thread: Project Squirrel

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    I start this update after a long *ss time of not managing to update anyone, but I still plan on working on this robot, even as I write this up on my birthday. 27 today, so that's fun haha.

    I've been debating on whether or not to order some plastic that's cut to the basic sizes of the robot itself, so I can just trim and so on and so forth. Or to at least get the stuff like the side panels, baseplate, back panel and middle sections. I've drawn out everything over and over, just to see if everything'd fit, tabs and all, and go from there, marking up the screw markings and motor positions.

    That would work, right?

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    I think so. That's kind of how I've been angling on my Middleweight in that I order the basic size of the sheets I need and then cut it to shape as required. The planning you mention should mean it should all fit but can nothing be reused from the previous attempt?
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    Well a majority of the plastic I've used like the baseplate, centre pieces and sideplates'll be useless unless I decide to turn them into little wedgelets, but the electrical stuff's fine, just need some rejigging here and there, possibly a little rewiring, but everything electrical is pretty much good.

    If anything, I'd need to figure out how to cut the lights out of the previous attempt and attach them to the new one... maybe I'll just make it as a separate sunken panel and cover it with a clear plastic to protect those lights.

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