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Thread: 300A VESC in the works, feature suggestions wanted

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    I guess 9kw is enough for our purpose.

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    Unfortunately not the first batch has sold out.

    I am currently changing the design slightly to improve the performance significantly. Which will take about a month before I can accept preorders for batch two.

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    So I finally got round to redesigning the A200S for a V2 version with a different layout. It is now comically small and performs really well.

    The power stage layout is based on the 75/300, so it will work good with low inductance motors that were a big problem on the V1.2 and V1.3.

    Price is a major concern for a lot of people. So I have optimised it a lot to get down to £250, about the same price as a VESC6.

    It is now up for preorder on my store, to get them back in time for BattleBots S4 the order will be going in on the 18th February and should be back in 3 weeks.

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    That's a nice package

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    If you want to solder the pcbs yourself you can get them here:

    I have also added options to select the maximum voltage you need, if you select a lower voltage you get more current capacity as I can put in lower voltage Mosfets which have lower resistance (so less heat).

    The unit is modular, so you can easily replace the power board with one for a lower voltage/higher current or vice-versa. This might be interesting for people wanting to run DC motors at lower voltages.

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    That's a nice feature.

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    That's a nice comment :P

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    Doing some shock testing this weekend. Will be throwing a unit as high as I can into the air and landing on concrete. I heard of some inductors and capacitors coming off other escs so want to do everything I can to stop this happening on my ones.

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