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Thread: Wheels for a cordless drill gear motor | Any suggestions?

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    hmm wondered where you got those large blue ones from... Still, no use in my current project

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    A quick work of caution on the Bearing Boys blue wheels that are linked a couple of posts up. They do not have a plain bore centre, instead they have a roller bearing pressed into them which makes them no good for fitting on to the drill motor/gearbox output shaft. (Yes, I bought some without checking ). You could press the bearing out but the bore you are left with is bigger than the O/D of the typical 3/8UNF nut, so still not straight forward.

    Bearing boys do a grey wheel which does have a plain bore that a 3/8UNF nut can be inserted/melted into. They feel about the same level of grip as the blue wheels, but I have nothing to confirm this.

    Also as noted both the blue wheels and the grey wheels are heavy, but feel reasonably sturdy. I got some nylon wheels from them and screwed mountain bike tyre on to the outside and saved around 300g for a pair of 4" wheels.

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    bearingboys wheels need to be 'plain bore' to be the ones suitable.
    i bought a selection of blue wheels, and they are fine.

    Although the better grippy ones i bouht through a work supplier - BIL group. They are amazing but sadly bearing boys were just cheaper with a 20% off code, however the rubber is slightly different.

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    Thanks everyone for all your replies! I have a good understanding of what to get now You are all awesome

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    Sounds like you got the wrong ones Al, need the plain bore centre ones as Nat mentioned. The bore on these is 12mm, which is a decent amount for pressing a nut into:

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    there are 12mm bore ones which are the 125 and 100mm diameter wheels, the 80mm diametert wheels are 8mm bore - the 80mm are the ones from BIL. i made some nuts up from some hex silver steel and pressed them into a newly drilled hole bigger that 12mm, so as long as you have suitable wall thickness, you could make some up for your diameter - contact me if you would like some made up. will add pic when i find it on phone

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    Hey everyone,

    I have been wheel shopping and I found a cheap wheel which I thought was the right bore (It was advertised as 9mm bore). I thought with that size I could screw it straight on but no such luck unfortunately! It's actually about a 10mm bore which is a little too big.


    So I had a look at Ellis's videos, like R9000 suggested, about melting the brass nut into the wheel. This looks like it will be a good plan but I just want to make sure of a few things first!

    1: Does this look like the 3/8 UNF thread? Because the guy in the DIY store seemed to think it was a 10mm x 1mm machine thread. Is that the same? I done know xD What do you guys think?


    2: Whats the proper name for the brass 1 inch nut thing Ellis used? cus I cant find the bleeding thing! lol

    Thanks a lot everyone for your help!


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    The guy in the DIY store doesn't have the backgroundf knowledge. And a M10 is close to a 3/8 UNF.
    So yes, it looks like the standard 3/8unf.

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