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Thread: Is hardox absolutely necessary??

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    I think you can use mild steel if you want, but I wouldn't expect it to last long against the big spinners of today. Then again, not much does. It's fine for internal structures like bulkheads, but honestly I think you're best going for Hardox on the outside, unless you plan on doing a Hypershock and just avoiding hits on your armour.

    Have a look at this by the PP3D guys:

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    Hardox or simular kinds of steel are an affordable option. Cheaper than the less suitable stainless, and way stronger than mild steel.

    But with spinner power as it is now, we're looking at 8mm+ of hardox 500 or better.
    And that with as little welds as possible, all angled to deflect hits.

    The other option is to use titanium , grade 5, and that is costly, with a pricetag 15 times higher per kilo than hardox.... For only a 33% weight benefit for the same thickness.

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    At Featherweight level, robots can get away with thick mild steel - however it ends up about as thick as heavyweight hardox.

    Thus it is possible, but to get comparable results there is an offset in terms of weight.

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    Absolutely necessary? No. Recommended? Yes

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    No offence intended, but I think 8mm angled is a bit overboard. Maybe if you're intending on getting hit all over, but nobody uses 8mm everywhere. Terrorhurz' wedge was 6mm I believe, and that bounced hits away just fine until it got pried up by Aftershock from underneath, after having been on the flipper. I know Battlebots is a fundamentally different environment to Robot Wars, but you have bots there with much lighter armour, and I can't imagine stinger's front blade is that thick either. I think you can get around using thinner stuff if you play to your strengths. Carbide has 5mm Hardox around the edge to my knowledge, though it's fair to say they rarely get hit.

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    Valkiri 3 ripped right trough 6mm Armox 600, and thats a featherweight.

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    It's a case-by-case thing though isn't it? How was the armox mounted? Was it at an angle like a wedge? Where did the spinner catch? We've seen Tombstone break its blade in half on Witch Doctor's shock-mounted front scoop, and then there's stuff like Gabriel which just ignores spinners for the most-part. It almost feels like you're better sacrificing armour thickness for maneuverability​ and weapon effectiveness when most armour just gets torn through anyway. Pulsar manages an 8mm front and back because it's so small, but are there any heavyweights that have 8mm on all sides?

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    The damaged armor was a welded monocoque , all well angled.
    In short, if you want to armor up against spinners, it will be heavy. That is why we still use HDPE for the feathers .

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