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Thread: Filming for next season in Glasgow next week queries please guys!

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    Hi all, was lucky enough to grab a few tickets for robot wars being filmed next wednesday and i have a few queries..

    I got the last days tickets on hopes it might be the final, is this a safe assumption as we have never been before and have no idea how robot wars works beyond marvelling from the other side of a t.v, and robots live at the nec.. once.. two years ago ><

    also just wondering how child friendly it is? little man is 4, and i intend to take ear defenders either way but would love a bit more insight as again ive never been before

    SIDE NOTE: we have 8 tickets to both the morning and afternoon showing, but only require 6, so if anyone wants 2 tickets to both

    How likely is it id get to have a chat with any robot builders at a robot wars event? would love to pick up some tips for my build but dont wanna detract away from the day.

    Hope any of you lovely people can help, kind regards, Daniel
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    Dude I don't know what forum page you're looking at, but most of the posts on the front page are from 2017, a good number are even from today. If you just click on the 'Forum' tab at the top and make sure you're scrolled to the top, you should see the most recent threads in each subforum there.

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