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Thread: Team Death - New Heavyweight

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    I have been out of the Robot combat scene for 6 years now but you
    know how it is, its hard to get robot fighting out of the blood and the
    latest series of Robot Wars on tv has revised my interest.
    I'm not a stranger to building heavyweights, I have built 6 before
    with my last Robot Chimera taking part in the Roaming Robots uk
    Championships in 2011.

    Anyone who knows me knows I don't do off the peg robots, I tend
    to look at an object like say a microwave oven (robot 1) or a plastic
    dustbin/dodgem car (robot 3) and take it from there.

    So my starting point for my latest creation is a ride on lawnmower
    grass blower and a propane gas cylinder (deactivated) and wheelbarrow
    wheels.....the build Diary begins.

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    Interesting start point already just from those 3 objects. Looking forward to seeing this!
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    Just curious, was that the same chimera that has since competed in robot wars?

    New creation sounds interesting, have you got a plan or are you setting yourself a challenge by using those parts?

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    Hi Sam
    The Chimera on Robot wars was a different team with a tenuous link
    to my robot Chimera-see Wikipedea fandom for full history.
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    Hey there,

    I've teamed up with Colin on bringing this heavyweight to fruitition, so hopefully I'll be contributing to this diary on a frequent basis
    Yesterday (Sunday) was my first visit to the workshop, and after a quick introduction to the power tool of choice for the day, an angle grinder with varying discs, we got straight to work.
    We removed some existing wheels that had been welded onto the main body (the old mower leaf blower), and after cutting some excess off and removing paint for a good weld, attached the front (part of the propane tank) to the main body small joints to start with for positioning sake.
    We then spent a while trying to align where the wheels will go on the body, and then that'll turn into next weeks job to cut out the now marked sections the wheels will be fitted into.

    I've only been to the workshop once, but I already feel like I learnt a lot from the experience!
    Unfortunately in the eagerness to get underway, I forgot to take pictures. So hopefully we'll remember for the upcoming Sunday!
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    Another Sunday passed, another day with Colin working on our robot!

    Before I arrived, Colin had cut the holes in the main chassis as to where the wheels were going to go, so today we could get straight on with other things.
    After lots of cutting, welding and measuring every movement of things, we got to the point where the basic chassis shape has now taken form, it's amazing what a few bits of metal can do! We purchased some extra fabricating metal to help hold everything in place, which we've already found use for, with lots extra left for future use.
    Colin took a few photos of the days work and outcome, and he'll post them in another post soon.

    We also had a few discussions as to how the wheels will later connect to the motors, discussing things like ease of access / rapid repair vs extra padding against certain weapons in the long run, found time to joke over possible end paintjobs, and we conversed about the best way of acquiring all the electrics for usage later on, look out for a possible post on that in the coming weeks from myself or Colin.

    I'll be taking next Sunday off, as i'll be on a 6 hour coach to Renfrew, Scotland, to watch a recording session of the next season of Robot Wars. But hopefully it'll be all ahead full as normal Sunday after!

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    Heres Some photo's of progress so far on Team Deaths new Heavyweight, I have
    disscussed a name for the robot with Adam but we will keep that under Wraps
    until the robot is finished and tested-in effect to live up to its name-after all
    its no use calling it The Winner ooops for instance if its a complete no hoper.DSCN1721.jpgDSCN1727 (2).jpgDSCN1725 (2).jpg

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    looking good! will you be accessing the electronics from a removable panel underneath?

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    For sure Nat-we may use HDPE as the base panel or a composite

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    An image I took from a different angle. Pleased with the progress, bit of a unique shape to it!

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